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Евровагонка из Липы, Осины. Lining, Shelves of linden
Wholesale price
$8-14/sq mi CIF
ЛесПромЭкспорт, LLC, RU
Предлагаем со склада и под заказ погонажные изделия из липы и осины (евровагонка, полок, полуполок, плинтус половой, плинтус потолочный(галтель),...
In neighboring regions
Стабильный изотоп вольфрама
5,000/g CIP  
Wholesale price
from $4,900/g
Самкова А., SP, RU +1 ad
Продаю стабильный изотоп вольфрама 184w марки M4NS изотоп 95.2%. химчистота 99.998%Вольфрам Наименование: монокристалл вольфрама, обогащенный...
Никелевую проволоку нп2-99. 92% нп1-99. 98%
$350/kg CIP  
Wholesale price
from $300,000/kg
Самкова А., SP, RU +1 ad
Продаю никелевую проволоку 0.025 мкр нп2 99.92%. и никелевую проволоку нп1 99.97%
In United States
Elite Caucasian Rock Oak (Quercus petraea)
Wholesale price
€600-1,100/cu m FCA
Кудисова О.А., SP, RU
We conclude contracts for the supply of edged boards from the elite Caucasian rocky oak (Quércus pétraea), (only comel forest exclusively of 1 and...
Diammonium Phosphate — Ammophos — NPK — Monokaliy — Urea
Агро-Экспорт Удобрений, LLC, RU +1 ad
Diammonium Phosphate — Ammophos — Sulfoammophos — Monoammonium Phosphate — Potassium Sulfate — Monocal phosphate, — Farmers, all offer-ammophos...
Tamburato panels, furniture for shops, hotels, office, home.
Price on request
Tamburato, LLC, RU
Furniture for shops, hotels, office, home. Manufacture of furniture panels "of Tamburato" offers commercial furniture for shops, hotels, offices...
Sunflower hull flour
Wholesale price
$175-205/t FCA
Комсомольский УП, LLC, RU +2 ads
«Komsomolsky UP» delivers the sunflower hull flour Composition- sunflower hull-100%. Mode of shipment- FCA Delivery is provided from the village...
Fast Pyrolysis Plant FPP 02 for processing wastes
Price on request
Рабика-энергосбережение, LLC, RU
We is a developer and makes the special equipment for continuous processing of biological waste by a method of fast pyrolysis. Fast Pyrolysis...
Wall panel, lumber, birch
$25/sq m  
Wholesale price
$25/sq m
Позняк В.В., SP, RU +1 ad
Hello. My company "Morena Buratino" is engaged in the extraction, processing and sale of stained wood (Toplyak). To date, at the disposal of the...
Facial masks
Price on request
DA-Group, LLC, RU
Dear sir/madam, Our company LLC AAA-Ug, located Russia, Rostov-on-Don, would like to offer medical masks (russian and chinese). If you are...
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